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Our Team


I have been working in the bar industry for about 10 years. During this time, I not only acquired dense experience and the essential skills in organizing bar catering but also took part in many bartending competitions. My skills allow me to move away from the monotony of popular classics and create my signature cocktail. The result of the effort is always justified. I always approach the cocktail recipe creation process with caution and inspiration, so I can guarantee that the cocktail menu, prepared for your event, will be unique and peculiar.


Likewise, my colleague Nikita, I spent over 10 years on the other side of the bar. In addition to making your favorite drinks, I will prepare a bartending show for your event, where there will be no lack of fire.


I am responsible for the guys’ organization process. Nevertheless, I also have several years of experience working with a shaker. I will conduct a prior meeting with you, and we will discuss all the details. I will help you choose the right package of services and ensure that all your wishes are considered. Besides, I will provide my assistance and assure the correct direction of the event.

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